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July 26, 2011
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A Pair in Despair by Avalonfang4 A Pair in Despair by Avalonfang4
Contest entry for :iconblackchaos666:
we had to draw her character Thalbachin and one of our OC's together.

Here, Thalbachin had found Orillin in one of her moments where her mind is completely gone. In her lost state Thalbachin decided to end her suffering. But just as he was about to kill her a wall of fire and ice rose between his weapons and her, for a short moment her eyes cleared and Thalbachins saw her resolve before she it disappeared back into the pain. Grabbing her head softly in his hands Thalbachin offers her a black blade made of his shadow magic, her offers her the choice to end the suffering or to continue living with it, either with or without him.

Drawn and characters colored on paper with the background created in photoshop. I'm afraid my mood here is rather pathetic and the background is as well.

Thalbachin (c) :iconblackchaos666:
Orillin (c): :iconavalonfang4:
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BlackChaos666 Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for commenting so late, I had to get rid of all my inbox messages first! :'D
First of all:
Thank you for your entry!
You came along very well with Thal's feet and legs.
His pose is very dynamic and Orillin looks beautiful!
You didn't have to give Thal this green glowing, that was only for his reference so that he could better be seperated from the background! ; )
A little question: what does he hold in his hands?
A shadow blade, in a moment of being lost he offers it to Orillin to use if she wants to end her life, sorry if it doesn't look like one!!
BlackChaos666 Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I see, sorry I didn't get it! ^^
You could write that into the description of the picture, I think that would explain the situation the best : )
It's not your fault ^_^ and that's a great idea! ^_x
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