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Figured I would do another round of these since I just finished the previous batch.  Feel free to ask for clarification or if you have any questions at all, I am fairly new to this whole commission thing and need to work out the kinks.

General Rules:
- 50% minimum down payment required (can pay more, not less).
- $1 = 100 :points:
- Be polite
- Fill out corresponding (HP/AoA) forms for request.
- If paying with USD make sure to select "pay for goods or services" and "no address needed"
- Also, I will note you my Paypal information if paying in USD.

Arms of Akna:
Will look similar to these:

Reno and Aspen: Rite of Knowledge by Avalonfang4  RoF Bronwyn by Avalonfang4

- $8 per rite (single images)
- $20 for complete AoA (all 3 images)
- Will be completed within 2 weeks
- Will include starter or trainer, your choice.

If interested in Literature AoAs, note me.

AoA Form:
- Link to tokota import sheet:
- Number of Rites:
- Rite of Merit Preferences:
- Prestige Breeder or Pack Leader:
- Trainer or Starter preferences/info/links:
- Other important information/requests:

Heirarchy Points (Images):
Images will be done in a style similar to these (can be hunting, fishing, etc.):
WM26: First Encounter by Avalonfang4  Hedan and a Tree by Avalonfang4
- 10HP = $5
- 45HP = $15
- 100HP = $25
- Will be completed within 1 month.

Heirarchy Points (Literature):

An Interesting ExpeditionOver a frozen forest the midnight sun slowly spread its rays as it crested the horizon.  The edge of the sharp peaks and shadows of deep valleys of the mountains were accentuated by the early morning light.  Curled amongst the trees of the mount range’s foothills was a pack of tokotas and their trainers.  Lounging atop the small boulder the group had used as a windbreaker for the night was the aged and noble Nanook.  His pale blue eyes stared in the direction of the rising sun, the weak rays barely warmed the graying hairs around his muzzle eyes but the old male seemed to welcome them none-the-less.  Blinking once he sat in complete silence and only flicked one of his ears at the barely audible whisper of cloth over stone as Ascerbus, one of the women in the group silently yet respectively slid into place alongside Nanook.  It would soon be time to wake the rest of the group, but the two sat in comfortable silence as they listened to the sound of bir  Tracking CoyotesTrees bowed beneath the weight of snow and hoarfrost clinging to their branches.  Although the hours of sunlight visible each day had begun to increase since the passing of the solstice there was still only a few short hours where the sun would break above the horizon.  With the pale twilight that preceded and followed the brighter hours of the day just beginning to reduce the darkness of the landscape the pale form of a tokota lightly moved among the trees. Her breath frosted the fur around her jaws and that of the limp body of a coyote she was carrying.  Although the van gogh female had been unable to find her usual target of a fox during the night, but the lone coyote had been unfortunate enough to cross her path and was quickly dispatched with barely a mark on its thick coat.  After following its tracks for a short distance, Eeva had discerned the general direction it had come from, and after carefully marking the path she began to work her way back to the rest  Hunt of Bears in PairsLoping through the thick snow covering the ground six tokotas soon drew to a pause as the trail they had been following for the past few hours split.  Their targets, a sow with two nearly fully grown cubs, had most likely caught the scent of the pack pursuing them.  Growling in irritation the male Springtrap raised his head and glared at the three trails that spread ahead of them.  With an angry snap of his teeth the black tokota tore a branch from one of the spruce nearby before roughly shaking out his coat.  Flicking his ears he let out a few short commanding barks before breaking into a trot to follow the tracks belonging to the sow.
Shaking out stiff shoulders a second black tokota soon followed Springtrap.  Infidel, her pale violet eyes were narrow slits as she moved in silence.  The complete opposite of the temperamental male ahead of her, the black female was cold and independant, hardly reacting to anything, including Springtrap’s now infamou

- 25HP = $10
- 75HP = $25
- 150HP = $40
- Will be completed in about 1 month.

HP Form:
Link to tokota import sheet + tracker:
Trainer - yours (please link) or may I use one of mine:
Preferences (Hunting/Fishing/Exploration/Misc):
Literature or Images:
Amount of HP requesting:
Payment Method (Points/USD):
Can your tokota be included with others?:
Other information/requests:

Current Reserved Slots/Tracking (aka To-Do-List):
:iconapplepack: (specifics to be decided)
- :iconthebattleweiner: with Lux 7246 0/100HP (Images) Completed
- :icondaffodille:  with Kirima 9569/Nukka 9334/ Nenana 9545 119/120HP Completed, 0/3 AoAs (Lit)
Tracking Coyotes
An Interesting Expedition
Hunting Caribou


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